Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut Ice Cream.

Yes! You can be in ketosis and have your ice cream too.  Now it may not be the Love it sized portion dairy bomb we are all use to from our fave shop, however this is a cold tasty treat at 4 carbs a serving will make you smile. This is 1/4 of a cup portion sizes at 4 carbs depending on anything else you add it could change the count. The beauty of this ice cream is the low carb count and the versatility of it. Thanks to Walden Farms Syrup you can make chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, caramel, or vanilla using the maple syrup. AND no this isn’t a commercial for Walden Farms BUT if you are on keto diet it’s a must have in your kitchen. They also make salad dressings FYI.



1 Can of coconut cream

2 TBSP of Walden Farms Pancake Syrup (gives it a vanilla and maple taste and sweetness)

Half a bar of unsweetened chocolate shaved or chopped (Cuz Chocolate! Also optional add 4 more carbs)

4 TBSP of Shelled Pistachos (Optional but very yummy adds a lil extra carbs so make sure to add it up! 1oz=4 more carbs)

Instructions and suggestions:

First off any container is okay that can go in the freezer. If you have a mold with the sticks you can make these into bars. I normally measure them out and put them in the disposable glad containers the small ones that are 1/2 cup size using a 1/4 cup measuring to keep my portions correct. Counting carbs is fun! (that was sarcasm by the way)

Note: The coconut cream when it comes out of the can will have this white glop and then clearish white syrup to it…don’t freak out just whip it with a whisk. Like Devo says Whip Whip it Good!


Okay now that you sang along with Devo and laughed a little. Grab a bowl and mix your ingredients: the can of coconut cream, Walden farms pancake syrup, and chopped/shaved chocolate plus anything else that your heart desires just remember that it can cause the carb count to change. Stir in bowl till evenly distributed. Pour your mix 1/4 cup measure into the containers place in the freezer for a min of 60 mins. Now these will last a while as long as there’s not any freezer burn. They do come out like a hard ice cream so make sure to take it out and let it sit a few mins before chomping on them. The best part is because they are hard that it takes longer to eat them making you savor it a little bit more. Enjoy!