Colorado FlowerColorado Flowers. This is one of my favorite photos taken while I was hiking in Roosevelt National Park during the fall. Who knew that such tiny delicate plants could survive above the tree line in an otherwise rocky and bare terrine. This was taken with my Samsung S4 smartphone. Sometimes I use a high end Canon and other times my super banged up smart phone. I am sure some professional photographers would cringe, but I believe that the end result is what counts.


Cactus flowers soaking the in the sun from my window. This plant is older than me and actually belongs to my grandmother. She was not feeling well and so I babysat for her and while in my care these awesome peach and hotpink blooms popped out all over the cactus. I took a picture of them so that I could show her when I went to visit her in physical rehab. I love how the light picks up the edges of the petals and the sharp edges of the cactus leaves. This picture I just took with my poor Samsung S4 that tends to get dropped and abused, however I find that it takes great pictures.


Behind the music studio in (Asheville) Fletcher NC, There is a directory hanging out of a broken window pane. The pages are shredded and torn the weather has beat it up and taken it’s toll on the paper. This is probably one of my favorite pieces. I hope you enjoy it too.

Destructed Directory” Photography by: Bonnie


  July 2014 super early in the morning in the Appalachian Mountains driving home to Colorado.

Coming Home”  Photography by: Bonnie


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