√erified §erial ķiller

What started out as a sarcastic little morbid joke in a profile became a monster all its own. I prefer not to defend my choices and will make little effort to apologize. This is my site.  My place to not so eloquently vomit the creativity that lies in my head.  To take a stab at showing you what I see through my eyes and feel the artistic passion that is a huge part of my life. Be it photography, painting, or graphic art… or possibly the mix of anything I see fit in my design. This will be my manifesto and portfolio of all things art and pixels.

Will there be perfection? Absolutely not… for in perfection there is no learning and little fun. No, I am not a grand writer but hopefully you will forgive me and weigh the value of creativity and art over my lack of literary skill.  You can either come in to the room and share my mess or shut the door and let me be. For those of you that stick around, you have my gratitude.


 “Far From Perfect” Color Pencil Drawing with Photoshop and Photoscape graphic touches.  ~By: Bonnie


~  My work is copyrighted you steal it I will end you. ~

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